Why You Need This
EPA Documentation Kit:

COMPLIANCE: Contractors who disturb lead painted surfaces are required to provide Pre & Post Renovation Documentation.
EPA can request your Documentation to verify your compliance. Documentation must be kept 5 years.
Protect your business from lead paint claims with proper documentation.

1-Job-Lead-Paint-Kit-front_back-cvrBasic 1-Job EPA Compliance Kit

Standard Kit Includes Documentation for 1 Lead Paint Project.



3-Job-Lead-Paint-Kit-front_back-cvrStandard 3-Job EPA Compliance Kit

Standard Kit Includes Documentation for 3 Lead Paint Projects.



3-Job-Lead-Paint-Kit-front_back-cvrDeluxe 3-Job EPA Compliance Kit

Deluxe Kit Includes Documentation for 3 Lead Paint Projects & DVD.



These 3 Kits include the EPA Compliance Documentation Forms
as required by the RRP Rule

Lead Paint Test Authorization Forms
Renovate Right Pamphlet
Project Information Record
Occupant/Owner Receipt Confirmation
Lead Test Documentation Report
Lead Determination Worksheet

Renovation Checklist
Lead Paint Recordkeeping Timeline
Laminated Flow Chart
Pre-renovation Workers Meeting
Cleaning Verification / Post Renovation
Emergency Renovation Record

Yes, you can easily manage your documentation on Lead Paint jobs:
1) Step by Step Directions – Located on the back of each form
2) NCR Forms – No need to photo copy
3) Check off lists to keep you on Target with the documentation during each phase of your project
4) Use the Envelope to store your Documentation for that project
5) Each envelope includes the required forms

We’ve made it our job to make your job easier!
Improve safety and regulatory compliance with the EPA’s RRP Rule using this kit.


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